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Take Part in Helping the Needy Through Callaway, Florida Car Donations

One of the simplest and most effective ways to improve the living conditions of our less privileged fellow Americans is by participating in our Callaway, Florida car donations program.

By donating an old car or motorbike or any other vehicle to us at Goodwill Car Donations, you’ll be helping fund our programs that provide employment, job training, career, and other support services to needy people in your community.

Benefits of Donating to Goodwill

When you make a car donation to us, you’ll not only give hope to our less fortunate fellow citizens. You’ll also give yourself many reasons to smile, thanks to the many perks that await you for joining our Callaway, Florida car donations program. Here are some of them:

Depending on the auction selling price of your donated vehicle, you have the opportunity to get a considerable tax deduction that can help you save a lot of cash!

  • Stop wasting money to pay extraneous car expenses.

Once you’re no longer in possession of your old vehicle, you’ll unburden yourself from unnecessarily spending precious money for your car repairs, maintenance, registration, and insurance.

  • Get rid of an old and unneeded vehicle at zero cost.

With Goodwill taking care of your car’s towing, there’s not a need for you to pay for a towing service to get that eyesore off your property.

  • Avoid the hassles of selling and advertising a used car.

Looking for a good used-car buyer can be exhausting. Apart from that, there’s the huge load of papers you need to deal with. When you donate your car to us, however, you won’t be experiencing any of these nuisances.

  • Provide more space for your garage, yard, or driveway.

With your car no longer occupying your garage, you can actually give the latter a new look or perhaps make it the home of your new automobile!

  • Feel happy about yourself.

It always feels great to help someone in need. It’s even better when you know that your car donation is capable of uplifting the lives of many of our less fortunate fellow Americans.

Our Quick and Hassle-Free Donation Process

One of the reasons you’ll love working with Goodwill is the fact that we offer a fast, stress-free, and convenient donation process. With us, you won’t be facing any difficulty, not even a single paperwork to do. Money won’t be an issue for you either, as everything’s on us!

As soon as you’re ready to take part in our Callaway, Florida car donations program, let us know. You can either give us a quick call at 866-233-8586 or fill out our online donation form, and we’ll handle the rest. It’s as simple as that.

Once you’ve given us certain details about your vehicle (make and model, year, mileage, VIN, general condition, and availability of title), we’ll set a date, time, and place to have it towed away at your convenience. You don’t need to be present when our tow truck arrives. Just be sure to leave your car keys and title behind if ever you’re not around.

We generate funds from your car donation by auctioning it off. The proceeds are used to finance our programs that seek to provide jobs and other support services to all who need them.

Within 30 days after the sale of your donated vehicle, expect to receive a 100-percent tax-deductible sales receipt in your mailbox. With this receipt, you can now enjoy a significant amount of tax deduction. That’s a treat no one would want to refuse!

If you have questions about Goodwill or how our process works, check out our FAQs page.

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The Types of Vehicles You Can Donate

At Goodwill, we accept almost all types of vehicles, including those that are not in running condition. As long as we see that there’s still a good enough cash value to the vehicle you’re donating, we’d definitely love to have it with us. Feel free to let us know if you have any concerns about the condition of your automobile.

To make things easier for you, we’ve made a list of the vehicle types that we typically accept as Callaway, Florida car donations:

  • Common vehicles: cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, buses
  • Recreational vehicles: RVs, motorhomes, pop-up trailers, touring trailers, fifth wheelers, campers
  • Motorcycles: motorbikes, dirt bikes, sports bikes, scooters, mopeds
  • Watercraft: boats, pontoon boats, catamaran boats, yachts, jet skis
  • Specialty vehicles: motorized wheelchairs, snowmobiles, golf carts, ATVs, riding lawnmowers
  • Aircraft: private planes, helicopters

Goodwill Car Donations is also open to multiple donations. If you can donate more than one vehicle, we would love to accept them!

Have the Best Giving Experience Now!

Are you ready to play a huge role in building your community by donating your old automobile? Go ahead and call us at 866-233-8586. Join our Callaway, Florida car donations program and enjoy the best giving experience you can ever have!


Last Updated: March 2nd, 2023

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