UPDATE: Goodwill Car Donations is currently accepting vehicle donations. Call 866-233-8586 to schedule an unattended FREE pickup. To learn what actions we are taking to ensure you are protected when you donate a vehicle to Goodwill Car Donations, please click here.

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Give to Uplift Lives: Donate Your Old Clunker To Sandestin, Florida Car Donations

Take a moment and think about uplifting the lives of struggling people in your community by making a contribution through our Sandestin, Florida car donations program. Though it may not be much for you, but to the people who would benefit from it, it could mean the whole world. The donation process is fast and easy, and you won’t have to worry about anything!

When you donate a car to Goodwill Car Donations, you will be helping a lot of people not just in your area but throughout the country as well. With the help of car donations, our organization helps empower people to reach their full potential.

Whether your vehicle runs on land or floats on water or flies in the air, Goodwill Car Donations will be happy to accept it – running or not. All you have to do is reach out to us and we’ll make the necessary arrangements for you – without charge. Talk about hassle-free!

How our Donation Process Works

If you’re thinking about getting rid of your old clunker in the most convenient way, then joining our Sandestin, Florida car donations program would be the best choice to make. We all want to do things the easy way – donating is no exception. That is why we have created a donation process that is quick and straightforward.

If you’re ready to join us, then simply follow these three steps:

  1. Reach out to us!

Call us at 866-233-8586 or fill out our online donation form, which is on the right side of this page and all other pages in our website. We’ll need your basic information (name, phone number, email address) as well as important details about your car such as its year, make and model, VIN, and mileage. You would also be asked to briefly describe your car’s current condition (whether running or not running) and if you have the car’s title with you.

  1. Schedule your free pickup!

After we receive and process your request, we’ll be calling you back to set a time and date for pickup. Once the appointment is made, we’ll arrange with a professional towing company to help us tow your vehicle away – at no cost to you. On the day of pickup, you will be handed a towing receipt that releases you from all the liabilities your vehicle entails from then on. This enables you to de-register your vehicle with the local DMV, dispose of your license plates, and cancel your insurance coverage.

  1. Wait for your tax-deductible sales receipt!

Your donated car’s tax-deductible sales receipt will be mailed to your address within 30 days after the sale of your car. The proceeds will be used to fund the programs that are offered by Goodwill.

With these three easy steps, you’ll be able to rid yourself of your old vehicle and at the same time, take part in transforming thousands of lives all over the country.

If you have any questions regarding our Sandestin, Florida car donations process or any related matter, feel free to call our toll-free 24/7 hotline 866-233-8586. You can also visit our FAQ’s page or send us a message.

The Benefits of Sandestin, Florida Car Donations

When considering car donations, a lot of people may wonder how it would benefit them. For starters, donating could make you feel good about yourself knowing that you would be helping a lot of disadvantaged people in Sandestin, Florida. Donating could also give you a chance to give back to the community.

Aside from those, you’d be able to enjoy these benefits as well:

  • Tax deduction. Since Goodwill Car Donations is an IRS-certified 501(c)(3) organization, your vehicle donation qualifies you for a tax deduction based on the selling price of your vehicle after it has been auctioned. You can make the tax deduction claim when you file your itemized federal income tax return for the next tax-filing season. Don’t lose the tax deduction receipt since you will need to attach this to the form you’ll be submitting.
  • Hassle-free donation process. Unlike selling, our donation process is quick and easy. With just a few steps to follow, you’d be able to dispose of your old car without any hassle. If you’re worried that you may not be able to donate because you lost your title, don’t worry, we’ll also be able to offer assistance in that matter.
  • Extra garage space. Donating your old vehicle means extra garage space to park your new car.
  • Easy vehicle disposal. Giving your old clunker away is a good choice if you want to dispose of your car without going through the stresses of selling. When you donate, there is no need for you to make a posting or go through difficult negotiations with customers. If you have a truck just sitting in your garage and gathering up dust, donate it for a good cause.
  • Save money. With your car’s donation, you can also say goodbye to its costly maintenance and insurance. Instead, you can keep the money and save up for something more beneficial or maybe a new car.
  • Save Mother Nature. We all know that cars are one of the main contributors to pollution – especially older car models. Donating your old car could help prevent further damage in our environment since it rids the roads with less efficient vehicles.
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Make a Difference Now!

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of people in Sandestin, Florida? If you have an old clunker you no longer have any use of, consider donating it to our Sandestin, Florida car donations program.

Get in touch with us today and find out how you can make a difference in your community. Dial 866-233-8586 today!


Last Updated: May 26th, 2023

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