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Uplift Your Community Through Jamaica, New York Car Donations!

If the sight of your old car depresses you—especially after you’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s too far gone even after you’ve tried everything to bring it back to its glory days—maybe it’s time for you to move on without it by taking part in our Jamaica, New York car donations program. The truth is, giving your car away to charity would do you and your community nothing but good. Allow us at Goodwill Car Donations to enlighten you in this area.

What You Need to Know About Jamaica, New York

The New York City borough of Queens has a neighborhood called Jamaica with over 139,152 estimated number of residents who are predominantly African Americans according to the Statistical Atlas. Furthermore, the same source discloses that 9.5 percent of the total population is unemployed. That’s equivalent to 13,219 jobless people.

How Unemployment Affects Individuals and Their Communities

As we all know, unemployment is one of the biggest factors that lead to a life of poverty. A disadvantaged person doesn’t have the luxury to gain access to opportunities that promote personal growth because the only thought that keeps them preoccupied is the issue of survival. Any chance to attain a higher quality of life seems bleak to an underprivileged person, and the community that they belong to suffers along with them.

Goodwill Car Donations Comes to the Rescue

In response to the issue of unemployment, Goodwill has come up with programs such as its Jamaica, New York car donations with the vision of empowering disadvantaged and disabled persons to achieve the fullness of their potential through the power of learning and work.

When you decide to donate a car to us, you become a part of the realization of Goodwill’s vision. The proceeds from the resale of your donated vehicle will be used to fund various services that will make a massive impact on the lives of those who are living in poverty. These include career development, job training, mentoring, and placement services that are designed to end unemployment.

With Jamaica, New York car donations, you’d be able to see your contribution work its wonders in your community. Nothing could beat the joy you’d feel knowing that you had something to do with that improvement. If you want to make a valuable contribution to your neighborhood, call 866-233-8586 to learn more about our donation process!

The Simplicity of Our Car Donation Process

The entire process for making Jamaica, New York car donations is unbelievably simple. All you have to do is follow these three simple steps:

  1. Get in touch with us!

We are very easy to communicate with. You can either go online to fill out our online donation form or you can give us a call at 866-233-8586. We will need a background of your vehicle including a few salient details such as its make, model, year, its location and general condition, as well as your contact information so that we can easily get in touch with you.

  1. Schedule FREE pickup!

We’ll give you a call to set up an appointment for the picking up of your car. Since we value your convenience, you will be the one to pick the date and time. We are also affiliated with several towing companies in every part of the country, so if your car isn’t parked on your own driveway, you can always let us know because, with Jamaica, New York car donations, your clunker can be hauled away from any location within the country.

  1. Receive your IRS tax-deductible receipt!

Once your donated vehicle is sold, a receipt for your tax deduction will be sent to you via mail. This deduction can be applied for the tax year from when you have made your donation up until the beginning of the next year.

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What Your Donation Can Do for You

Did you know that aside from getting rid of your unwanted vehicle for good in the most convenient way, our Jamaica, New York car donations program will also enable you to enjoy other awesome benefits? Check these out:

  • Fast and 100-percent free towing!

Towing’s on us! You won’t have to spend a single dime for a professional towing company to haul your vehicle away. Plus, we can arrange for the day of pickup to be scheduled at a time and date that’s most convenient for you!

  • No need to handle the paperwork!

Our team has got the area of documentation covered from start to finish!

  • Skip the hassles associated with selling!

It’s totally understandable that you might find selling to be a more reasonable option when disposing of an old vehicle. However, when you carefully think about it, looking for someone that would take interest in an old, rusty vehicle could take months or even years. Donating, on the other hand, could just be as easy as reciting the alphabet — not to mention the lesser time spent.

  • Eliminate extra expenses!

You can finally forget about setting a budget for your unwanted vehicle’s insurance, registration, maintenance, repairs, and storage!

  • Donating your car is good for the planet!

Do you know that older car models cause more air pollution than the new ones? Donating your old, rusty car would mean one less air-quality compromiser off the roads.

You can claim as much as the actual sale price of your vehicle if it’s higher than $500. If your vehicle sells for less than $500, you can claim either its actual selling price or its fair market value not exceeding $500 – whichever is greater.

Donate Your Clunker Now!

Now is the perfect time to make a difference in your neighborhood. Participate in our Jamaica, New York car donations program by calling 866-233-8586 today!

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