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Help Your Struggling Countrymen—and Yourself As Well — Through Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania Car Donations

Did you know that your old car, which is just accumulating rust and dust in your backyard or driveway, can actually serve as an instrument to help the underprivileged people of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania?

You might be asking yourself, “How can that be done?” Simple! When you donate that car to our Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania car donations program, we will sell it at auction and use the proceeds to fund our community-based programs that provide job training, mentoring, and employment services. These programs carried out by Goodwill organizations all over the country are all geared towards empowering our less fortunate countrymen to reach their full potential, enabling them to contribute to the well-being of their family and community.

Our Donors Don’t Just Give – They Also Receive!

Helping hundreds of people in your community in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania is one thing. Aside from that, you’ll also get rewarded for your generosity once you join our Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania car donations program. Here are some of the rewards you’re bound to get:

Goodwill Car Donations is an IRS-certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which means that your contribution to support our cause will enable you to receive tax deductions.

  • We’ll do everything for you.

We will do all the things that are needed for your car donation. This means you will not be doing any paperwork or any other time-consuming work. Leave everything to us!

  • No need to spend on

You won’t spend a single dime when you donate your car to us. For instance, your car’s pickup and towing services are absolutely free.

  • End costly and needless expenses for your car.

Keeping an old car can unnecessarily be costly. Donating it will give you the freedom to stop paying for its maintenance, registration, and insurance coverage.

  • You gain more space.

With your old and unwanted car out of the way, you now have the space in your garage that you’ve always wanted.

  • Save time, effort, and money.

Donating your old car to us will save you tons of precious time, effort, and money in trying to sell your car—not to mention the irritation and the security threat that such a course of action may entail. You will no longer have to advertise, list or negotiate with potential buyers because we will do all those things for you in a professional and more effective way.

  • Enjoy our easy-to-do donation process.

We provide you with a fast and easy donation process. All you need to do is basically give us a call at 866-233-8586 or fill out our online donation form, which you can see on your right. Read on for more detailed guidelines on our Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania car donations process. Check out our FAQs page as well to know more about Goodwill Car Donations.

Our Quick and Easy Car Donation Process

Our Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania car donations process is designed to provide our donors utmost ease and convenience. We’ve made it this way so that you’ll experience ease and comfort.

Like what we said earlier, you can start the donation process by either giving us a call or filling out our online donation form. Before doing so, please have the following details ready:

  • Contact information (your phone number and email address)
  • Car’s year, make, model, mileage, VIN, and title availability

We will also ask you about your car’s condition—if its running or not—and if you are in possession of your car’s title.

After verifying the information you shared, we will schedule your car’s pickup based on your preferred date, time and location.

A truck from a licensed towing company that we assigned for the job will be at your specified location on time. Before they take away your car, they will give you a towing receipt. This receipt releases you from all liabilities on your car, enabling you to lawfully cancel its registration and insurance coverage.

The tow truck will deliver your car to the best auction house in the city. Be assured that we’ll give our best shot to get the highest selling price possible for your car. This will mean more funds for us and a bigger tax deduction for you.

After your car is sold, you will receive a letter of acknowledgment from us together with your car’s tax-deductible sales receipt. The final selling price of your car shown on the receipt will serve as the basis of your tax deduction claim. Keep the receipt since you will need it in claiming your tax deduction when you file your itemized federal income tax return.

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How Tax Deductions Work

In claiming your tax deductions, you need to know some basic guidelines being implemented by the IRS.

For instance, if your car sells for less than $500, you have two options in claiming your tax deduction: Base it either on your car’s selling price or fair market value not exceeding $500. You can get an estimate of your car’s fair market value with the help of reputable online resources such as the Kelley Blue Book.

However, if your car sells for more than $500, you can only claim as your tax deduction the exact selling price of your car even if its fair market value is higher than the selling price.

You Can Do It Now!

Make your move now and take that first step to helping your struggling countrymen by joining our Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania car donations program! Send us a message or call us at 866-233-8586! Donate now and get yourself a nice tax deduction in return!

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