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Create More Job Opportunities for the Needy With Fogelsville, Pennsylvania Car Donations

Why allow that broken-down rusty old car to clog your driveway when you can easily get rid of it by donating it to Goodwill’s Fogelsville, Pennsylvania car donations program? Will you let that eyesore continue to rot away for another year? Why don’t you do yourself and the disadvantaged people in your community a huge favor by donating that vehicle to Goodwill Car Donations?

You can’t even begin to imagine the huge impact that your old car could potentially make to create more education and employment opportunities for the benefit of those who badly need them. If you can make a choice to support a cause meant to transform the lives of the less fortunate people around you and get a huge burden of a car off your shoulders at the same time, why will you waste another minute holding on to your clunker?

Goodwill Car Donations: A Great Place to Donate

In seeking to help the needy, many people make all sorts of donations such as unwanted toys, clothes, furniture, and whatnot. Although giving away these items can still make a difference, one of the most powerful tools that could turn lives around is an unwanted vehicle. Today, Goodwill offers you a chance to put an end to your clunker troubles by inviting you to participate in our Fogelsville, Pennsylvania car donations program.

It has always been Goodwill’s mission to empower individuals who are living with disabilities and other disadvantages to rise above them and attain an enhanced quality of life by escaping poverty through the power of learning and work. As a matter of fact, Goodwill hasn’t stopped helping people since 1902! You can be sure that the proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicles will be used to support various community-building programs in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania such as:

  • Customer service skills training program
  • Computerized office skills training program
  • Industrial cleaning skills training program
  • Vocational evaluation and situational assessment
  • Family strengthening through education scholarship program
  • Job resource center, job coaching, and job placement

If you believe that your underprivileged neighbors deserve to have free access to these programs, you can show it by taking part in our Fogelsville, Pennsylvania car donations program today! If you want to know more about the ins and outs of vehicle donations, feel free to call us at 866-233-8586 anytime! Our lines are open 24/7!

Top Reasons for Joining Fogelsville, Pennsylvania Car Donations

We know that everyone who’s looking to donate their cars has different reasons for doing so. However, we’ve listed down the most common reasons why people decide to go this route. Check this out:

  • A junk car is an acceptable donation.

Donating is the easiest way to get rid of a junk car without shelling out cash for anything. This might surprise you, but Goodwill Car Donations accepts even vehicles that have busted engines, dead batteries, faulty transmission, and flat tires! You can even donate a non-operational vehicle!

  • You need extra space in your garage.

Unwanted vehicles take up space. If you decide to take part in our Fogelsville, Pennsylvania car donations program, you’ll get the dozens of square feet of much-needed storage space back!

  • Maintaining seasonal vehicles is expensive.

Maintaining and storing seasonal vehicles like RVs, snowmobiles, and boats can get pretty expensive. Save yourself the trouble and the cash by donating them to Goodwill Car Donations.

  • Avoid headaches associated with reselling a vehicle.

Don’t take the risk of exposing yourself to dangerous situations when you deal with strangers or transport your car to show it to prospective buyers who want nothing more than to rip you off. What’s more, if you try to resell your used vehicle yourself, you’ll have to go through all the trouble of posting ads, handling inquiries, or spending for necessary repairs to make your vehicle more appealing.

  • Donating to an IRS-registered 501(c)3 nonprofit is a sure way to get a tax deduction.

In exchange for your generosity, you’ll reap meaningful returns in the form of potential tax benefits. As soon as we sell your car at an auction, you’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt by mail from us!

  • Towing is absolutely FREE!

As an added bonus, you won’t have to spend a single dime for a licensed towing company to haul your vehicle away!

How to Get Started

Participating in our Fogelsville, Pennsylvania car donations program is so easy! In fact, you can complete the most important part of the process in less than a few minutes! After that, we’ll handle everything else for you!

Here’s how our whole donation process goes:

  • You fill out our online donation form, which you can find on the right side of this page and in all other pages of our website.
  • A vehicle donations specialist will call you as soon as we receive your accomplished form to confirm your given information.
  • We’ll set up a schedule for your FREE towing at a time and date that’s convenient for you.
  • A tow truck will be sent out to pick your donated vehicle on the day designated with you.
  • Your car will be auctioned off in one of the best auction houses within our network.
  • We’ll send you your tax-deductible receipt by mail so you can claim your tax write-off when you file your itemized tax return.
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Donate a Vehicle Today!

Feel free to donate any type of vehicle to Goodwill Car Donations. We’ll gladly accept standard, specialized, recreational, work-related, and fleet vehicles any time! Not only that, you can donate as many vehicles as you wish!

Fogelsville will become a better place for everyone including yourself if you join our Fogelsville, Pennsylvania car donations program today. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us by calling 866-233-8586 or start filling out our online donation form now!


Last Updated: March 6th, 2023

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