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Festivus: How It Started and How It Is Celebrated

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Festivus: How It Started and How It Is Celebrated

In the 1990s, the television show Seinfeld rose to popularity because of its unique approach to comedy, witty script, and a cast of relatable characters that the audience grew to love.

The show became so popular that it launched a movement to create a parody holiday based on one of its Christmas episodes. The secular holiday is called Festivus, which, according to its creators, means the Festival for the Rest of Us.

Festivus was the brainchild of Seinfeld writer Dan O’ Keefe whose father invented a similar holiday including an Airing of Grievances and wrestling match in real life. O’Keefe introduced the concept through an episode in the show’s ninth season.

The character of Frank in Seinfeld came up with the Festivus idea in the episode titled “The Strike.” In that episode, Frank complained about how he came to blows with another man who was reaching for the same toy that he wanted to buy for his son. This enraged Frank, causing him to declare war against Christmas by creating Festivus, an event that negates all the traditions associated with Christmas. 

The show’s fans took Frank’s cue and decided to celebrate the holiday as well. And so Festivus was born.


How Festivus Is Celebrated

Here are three of the distinguishing features of Festivus:

  1. It’s celebrated 2 days before Christmas.

Festivus is celebrated on the 23rd of December every year, two days ahead of Christmas. The logic behind this is because the holiday’s creator wanted the event to come before Christmas.

  1. Festivus pole instead of Christmas tree

Instead of displaying a well-decorated Christmas tree, celebrators use a Festivus pole, which is a barren aluminum pole standing in the center of the living room or backyard. Unlike the Christmas tree, the pole requires no sprucing up.

  1. Festivus meal

Festivus celebrators also get to share a meal, but instead of regaling each other with happy stories while dining, the Festivus meal serves as a precursor to the airing of grievances as well as feats of strength such as arm wrestling.

Today, Festivus is still being celebrated by fans of the show. People gather on the internet every 23rd day of December to share their Festivus stories with fellow enthusiasts. A quick search for the Festivus keyword on Google takes you to a search engine result page with its very own graphic of a Festivus pole. There is even a book written about Festivus’ origins and traditions.


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Festivus was a parody holiday created mostly for fun. However, there is no fun in seeing disadvantaged individuals in the country struggling to stay afloat in a sea of woes. They include the men and women in your community who are saddled with disabilities, lack of education and essential skills, and other personal circumstances that keep them stuck in poverty.

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Thanks to your donation, these services will enable the less fortunate residents of your community to attain financial stability and live productive and fulfilling lives.

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