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5 Ways to Help Your Child Deal with Peer Pressure

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5 Ways to Help Your Child Deal with Peer Pressure

When kids reach the age of adolescence, they go through the tender process of discovering their identity based on the friendships they form. Since they naturally want to feel accepted by their peers, teenagers tend to cave in to peer pressure. In case you’re wondering, this refers to the influence their peers have on them. Oftentimes, it makes them do certain things that they wouldn’t normally do.

Peer influence may cause teenagers to sport the same hairstyle, dress a certain way, or listen to the same kind of music as their friends do. It can also compel them to skip class, drink alcohol, take drugs, and engage in sexual activities and other risky behaviors. The negative influence of peer pressure is one of the biggest concerns that most parents have.


How Can You Help Your Child Deal with Peer Pressure?

If you’re a parent of a teenager, you have to understand that the need for them to conform to what your child’s friends consider to be “cool” is very real at their age.

However, you can do something to help your child make healthy, life-long choices by becoming the most powerful influence in their lives. To give you a head start, check out what Goodwill Car Donations has compiled for you.

  1. Always give your teen compliments.

Being a teenager can be tough. It gets even tougher when kids find themselves dealing with peer pressure. One of the best ways that you can help your child battle this kind of pressure is to boost their confidence by paying them compliments. When you do this, you enhance their self-esteem and shift their focus on their strengths rather than the need to conform.

  1. Teach your teen how to say “no.”

Sooner or later, your teenage son or daughter may be put in a position where they’ll need to respond to someone who pressures them to do something that they shouldn’t be doing. Your child needs to understand that saying “no” is the right thing to do, regardless of the reaction from the other person. Talk to your teen about this and work with them to come up with certain responses that they can use when they find themselves in such a situation.

  1. Advise your teen to steer clear of certain situations where peer pressure is at its strongest.

Arrange an open and judgment-free dialogue with your child and discuss certain situations involving peer pressure. For example, the possibility of being pressured to take drugs or drink alcohol is extremely high at parties. When their gut tells them that something about a situation is wrong, tell your child to leave or to avoid it at all costs.

  1. Show your support for healthy friendships.

Your awareness of the pressures that your teen faces each day just so they can fit in should compel you to demonstrate your support for the friendships they form with like-minded peers. Encourage your child to hang out with those who respect them and care about them rather than with those who force them to do certain things that they’ve not comfortable with.

  1. Don’t hover.

It’s enough for you to establish certain boundaries that will help your child manage potential negative pressure. You have to understand that your teenager needs to figure out how to hold firm to their values so that they can avoid destructive peer pressure. For this reason, resist the temptation to hover by allowing your teens to practice making their own decisions.


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