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What the Most Common Car Warning Lights On Your Car’s Dashboard Mean

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Keep Safe by Understanding All Indicators on Your Car’s Instrument Panel

Competition in the automotive industry is fierce. Car manufacturers are creating better models, yet they have one constant goal: to promote safety.

Despite society’s changing standards when it comes to car features, safety remains a top consideration for car manufacturers. That’s why more and more safety features are being added to new models.

Some of these safety features can be seen on a car’s dashboard, represented by icons and symbols that serve as warning signals. As has been the case for many years now, a car’s dashboard includes the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, engine coolant temperature gauge, fuel gauge, turn indicators, gearshift position indicator, seat belt warning light, parking-brake warning light, and engine-malfunction lights.

Understanding all the icons, symbols, lights, and numbers on your car’s instrument panel is crucial to keeping you and your passengers safe.

In particular, the warning lights are designed to give off warning signals that turn on when there’s something wrong with your vehicle.

The Most Common Car Warning Signs on Your Dashboard

If you’re clueless about the warning lights that blink on your car’s dashboard, you’re not alone. Goodwill Car Donations is here to help you understand what they mean.

  1. Safety Icons

The numerous safety dashboard icons tell you when your automobile is having trouble with the engine temperature, tire pressure, oil life, and traction control. The security alert light also shows when you are experiencing a chassis and overdrive system issue.

Faulty airbag and seat belt indicators add to the safety features of your automobile as well as issues with the powertrain or power steering system. Indicator lights will turn on when you need to check the brake pedal, the clutch, or the Engine Computer.

  1. Warning Icons

To deal with your vehicle’s failure points, refer to the battery and engine temperature warning lights. If the former turns on, check your battery power or alternator. If it’s the latter, then your engine’s temperature may be unusually high.

Additionally, check your brake and oil pressure warning lights. There might be leaks in the brake system that could be dangerous, or perhaps oil level and pressure are low or totally lost. You should pay close attention to these warning lights to avoid car accidents.

A red light signifies a severe car issue that needs immediate resolution. Meanwhile, the orange light means you can still drive your automobile, but the problem or malfunction requires checking as soon as possible.

  1. Lighting Icons

It is also important to double-check your vehicle’s lighting system. This consists of your low and high beams, auto high beams, fog lights as well as the exterior and adaptive light system.

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