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What Causes Poor Fuel Economy?

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6 Common Reasons for Poor Gas Mileage

Are you always looking for ways to improve your fuel economy just like many other car owners? This is understandable considering the soaring cost of gas these days. Getting the best possible fuel economy out of your vehicle can make all the difference in saving you money.

Aside from this, you’d want better fuel economy because this will enhance your automobile’s performance. Bad fuel economy can lead to decreased acceleration and power, which means your car might not be able to perform the way it used to.

The question is, what leads to poor gas mileage? To shed light on this, Goodwill Car Donations has put together a list of the most common reasons that cause some vehicles to consume more fuel than necessary:

  1. Incorrect tire pressure

Incorrect tire pressure is one of the most common causes of bad fuel economy. Underinflated tires can affect your car’s traction on the road, which means that your engine has to work harder to move the car forward. This in turn decreases fuel economy. This also puts unnecessary strain on your engine.

Solving this problem is easy: Just check your tire pressure regularly to ensure you have the recommended psi level. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation, which you can find on the driver’s side door panel.

  1. Clogged air filter

A clogged air filter will decrease your car’s fuel economy because it restricts the amount of air that enters the engine. This means that the engine has to work harder to suck in air, thus using more fuel. It’s important to check your air filter regularly and replace it when it gets dirty.

  1. Faulty spark plugs

Spark plugs are responsible for igniting the air/fuel mixture in the engine. If they’re not working properly, the engine will not run efficiently. This can lead to increased fuel consumption and decreased car performance.

  1. Bad fuel injector

A leak in your fuel injector means less fuel will enter your engine. As a result, your car won’t be performing as well as it used to, thus increasing your fuel consumption.

  1. Excessive idling

If you find yourself sitting in your car with the engine running for long periods, you’re actually wasting gas. Idling uses almost as much gas as driving, so it’s best to turn off the engine if you are stuck in heavy traffic and other instances when you have to stop your car for an extended period.

  1. Driving style

Your driving style can have a big impact on your car’s fuel economy. If you tend to drive aggressively, with lots of starts and stops, you’ll use more gas than if you drive more smoothly. Similarly, if you frequently accelerate quickly and then brake hard, you’ll also use more gas than if you accelerate slowly.

Thinking of Parting Ways with Your Old Car? Here’s a Meaningful Way to Retire It

If you can no longer expect your car to be fuel-efficient because of its advanced age, maybe now would be the best time to think about getting a new one. You wouldn’t want to be caught stranded on the road when your vehicle suddenly breaks down for the nth time, would you?

Instead, give that beater a well-deserved send-off by handing it over to us at Goodwill Car Donations for the benefit of the disadvantaged and impoverished people in your local community.

We’ll sell your car through an auction to raise funds for the life-enhancement programs and services being provided by the Goodwill organizations serving your area.

These IRS-certified 501(c)(3) nonprofits cater to disadvantaged Americans — those who are burdened with disabilities, those who lack education, job experience, or essential skills, and those who have other limiting personal issues, such as being welfare-dependent or having past prison records.

Your local Goodwill organizations use the funding we give them to provide their beneficiaries with job training, employment opportunities, scholarships, livelihood assistance, disability benefits, and other essential support services. These services are meant to empower your disadvantaged neighbors to secure decent sources of income through jobs or livelihood opportunities, thus freeing them from a life of poverty.

Donating to Goodwill Car Donations means getting your unwanted vehicle picked up and towed away for free. It also means getting entitled to receive the maximum tax deduction in the next tax season.

Moreover, your act of charity will bring you an immense sense of satisfaction, knowing that you’ll be contributing to the growth and development of your community by empowering your needy fellow residents through work and learning.

You can donate just about any type of vehicle, including one that’s no longer in good condition. Your location should not be a problem since we can collect your donation anywhere in the United States.

You can get more information about Goodwill Car Donations, including our quick and simple donation process, by checking out our FAQs page. Should you have any questions or concerns, you may reach us through our 24/7 toll-free hotline at 866-233-8586. You may also contact us here.

Help Us Transform Lives Today!

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