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Top 10 Motorcycle Brands

Blue suzuki | Goodwill Car Donations Photo by Андрей under Pexels License

Top 10 Motorcycle Brands: Do You Have Any of These Bikes?

Here are the top 10 motorcycle brands in the world today. There is no particular ranking in terms of quality or popularity. It’s up to you to weigh their merits.

  • Kawasaki

Kawasaki is a Japanese company founded by Shozo Kawasaki in 1878. In addition to aircraft and other vehicles, the company started making motorcycles in 1969. Kawasaki is known for its high-performance fun vehicles. Its most famous bike brands are the KLR and the Ninja.

  • Honda

Honda is also a Japanese company and the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959. It has been in business since September 1948. A year later, it started producing motorcycles. Honda is also the world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines. The most popular Honda bike is the Honda CBR300R. Its bikes might be more expensive compared to other Japanese bikes, but their performance is worth their price.

  • BMW

Did you know that BMW, or Bayerische Motoren Werke, created engines and bikes for Germany’s war machine? This company was one of the world’s earliest manufacturers of motorcycles. The company started its business in 1901, produced its first motorcycles 22 years later and is now the most famous German motorcycle brand.  BMW’s most popular bike is the S1000RR, which is a sports bike.

  • Yamaha

Yamaha is one of the first Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. Its first motorcycle brand was the Yamaha YA-1, which it produced in 1955. It became an international brand in 1960. The company then started exporting motorcycles to the U.S. Yamaha’s most popular model is the YZF-R6.

  • Ducati

Ducati is considered as the most popular Italian motorcycle manufacturer. It started producing motorcycles in 1950. It is currently owned by Audi. Ducati is known for its V-twin engines, which are two-cylinder engines that enhance the Italian design.

  • Triumph

Established in 1983, Triumph is Britain’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. It started producing motorcycles in 1902. Triumph currently sells high-speed motorcycles as well as cruising-type machines.

  • Moto Guzzi

Moto Guzzi is an Italian motorcycle company established in 1921 and is the oldest European manufacturer in continuous motorcycle production. Its most popular bikes are the California and the Breva brands.

  • Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is America’s pride when it comes to motorcycle production. It is the most iconic bike in the world. It was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. The company offers a ride for every lifestyle—from street model to cross-country. The most famous Harley Davidson bike is still the 1915 11F.

  • Suzuki

Suzuki is a Japanese brand that has been producing some of the fastest motorcycles in the world. It started as a loom works company in Hamamatsu, Japan in 1909 but only released its first motorcycle in 1952. Suzuki motorcycles have a distinctive body style and power, making it one of the biggest motorcycle brands in the world. It released the first Japanese motorcycle with a liquid-cooled engine in the early 1970’s in its GT750 series.

  • Victory

Victory was an American motorcycle company. It attempted to end Harley’s domination of the American chopper market, but it obviously failed when it finally closed shop in 2017—after 20 years of manufacturing. Victory Vegas is its most popular brand.

Impact Lives of the Disadvantaged with Your Vehicle Donation

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Let’s Transform Lives!

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