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Respecting Differences in Adult Education: 5 Ways of Cultivating This Attitude

How Mutual Respect Can Nurture Relationships in the Workplace | Goodwill Car Donations Photo by Kampus Production under Pexels License

How Mutual Respect Can Nurture Relationships in the Workplace

Widely known as the land of the free, the United States takes pride in cultivating and nurturing the uniqueness of each individual regardless of their skin color, religion, language, or race. And because the land of milk and honey has become a melting pot of different cultures over the years, striking the perfect balance has become a great challenge to many.

Respecting differences is incorporated in the curriculum of the Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) initiative of the U.S. Department of Education to help adult learners deal with different types of individuals in the workplace. This is intended to help them navigate through the complexities of workplace relationships, showing them how to exchange ideas with their colleagues with an open mind.

Respecting differences is focused mainly on establishing mutual respect. Goodwill Car Donations points out five ways of cultivating this attitude:

  1. Get to know each other.

Taking time to get to know your friends and co-workers builds a solid foundation of understanding and trust. Knowing the background of other people heightens your sensitivity and empathy towards them and makes you more mindful of them when sharing your thoughts and ideas.

  1. Understand differences.

Different backgrounds and cultures contribute to different views and opinions about certain topics or issues. Rather than adopt a combative and myopic stance, you need to listen to people around you and ask questions to understand what’s causing the divergence in viewpoints.

  1. Seek the most peaceful resolution.

There are times when the best course of action to take is to agree to disagree and put the matter to rest. Sometimes, there is no middle ground to be found, especially when it comes to sensitive issues. The most peaceful resolution is to respect each other’s opinions and accept them with equal validation.

  1. Respect different processes.

People work at different paces based on their way of doing things. Do not judge or pressure your co-worker who approaches their work in a way that does not align with yours. Rather, respect each other’s working styles as long as the job gets done.

  1. Know your boundaries.

Some topics may be too sensitive to talk about. Your co-workers may be uncomfortable sharing with you what’s on their minds, just as you have limits on what you want to impart to others. Don’t go over the invisible boundaries of human relationships.

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