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How to Get Rid of Rust Before It Eats Your Car Alive

Get Rid of Rust Before It Eats Your Car | Goodwill Car Donations Photo by Max Andrey under Pexels License

Become Your Car’s First Line of Defense!

The first few signs of your car’s corrosion can be quite subtle — ranging from a harmless-looking brown stain on your fender to a bubble in the car paint. Unfortunately, ignoring these signs could spell trouble for your vehicle.

The iron worm called rust will soon work its way to the other parts of your four-wheeled chariot. Before you know it, you’ll be sending your set of wheels to an early grave.

Once rust manages to land on an iron-containing metal, there’s no turning back. In a natural environment, nothing can stop your car’s unstable chemical makeup from yielding to rust over time — unless you do something to battle the process of oxidation.

Thankfully, you can still save your car from doom. The key to keeping corrosion at bay is to learn more about how vehicles rust and how to address the brown and flaky patches that show up in your car’s problem areas.

What Are the 3 Types of Rust?

  1. Surface Rust

When you see scratches, nicks, and cracks on the paint, you’re looking at the first signs of surface rust. The usual culprits of rust that occurs on the surface of your vehicle are mechanical or UV damage.

  1. Scale Rust

Ignoring surface rust will only give it enough time to penetrate further into your vehicle’s body. As the rust expands and flakes away the layers of paint, your car’s fresh base metal becomes exposed to corrosion. Before long, a rough and pitted type of damage called scale rust begins to develop. It’s important to note that besides corrupting the surface of your vehicle, the chemical process involved in the formation of scale rust also reduces the strength of the metal.

  1. Penetrating Rust

Scale rust that is left unaddressed can quickly progress to penetrating rust. At this point, the metal has turned into brittle iron oxide, causing holes to form. After prolonged exposure, corrosion that’s left unchecked will eat through your vehicle’s metal, affecting your suspension components, and weakening your car’s frame. To ensure your safety on the road, it’s extremely important to keep an eye out for rough or compromised parts underneath your car.

What You Can Do to Get Rid of All Types of Rust

To help you keep your set of wheels free from corrosion, Goodwill Car Donations has compiled these tips to help you get rid of the different types of rust in your car:

  1. Surface Rust
    • Clean the area with the surface rust and allow it to dry completely.
    • Mask off the area with the use of painter’s tape.
    • Grab a rust remover and spray it onto the rusty spots. Let it sit for about 10 minutes.
    • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the residue.
    • If there’s any leftover rust, use sandpaper to sand it before wiping off the residue.
    • Use a grease remover soap to clean the area and let it dry completely.
    • Grab a primer and spray three light to medium coats and let each layer dry for about an hour.
    • Spray about six coats of your vehicle’s color base coat while making sure that each coat isn’t thicker than the primer coats. Give each coat enough time to dry thoroughly.
    • Spray a clear coat on the area. Avoid washing your car for at least two days and wait for about two months before you wax your car.
  1. Scale Rust
    • Mark off the rusty areas and cover the unaffected parts of your vehicle to protect them from the fine dust and the sander.
    • The sanding wheel has to be attached to the grinder. Use this to get rid of the surface rust.
    • Clean the affected area with grease and wax remover soap before allowing it to dry.
    • If you see depressions and holes left, use a fiberglass-reinforced car body filler to fill them.
    • Use 40-grit sandpaper to sand the affected area.
    • Follow this up with 320-grit and 2000-grit sandpaper.
    • Use grease and wax remover soap to clean the area.
    • Tape off the area for painting with the use of painter’s tape.
    • Spray about three light-to-medium coats of primer and let each layer dry before you apply another.
    • Spray five coats of your vehicle’s paint while making sure that each layer gets enough drying time.
    • Spray two layers of clear coat. Don’t wash your car for the next two days and wait at least two months before you wax your vehicle.
  1. Penetrating Rust

The only solution for the most advanced car rusting level is to replace the affected part or cut out the affected parts before welding metal patch panels into place. If you don’t have the tools or the skills to do this, it’s best to head to a qualified body shop and let the pros patch your vehicle’s frame back together.

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