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How to Choose the Right Coolant for Your Car

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Make the Right Choice with These 4 Tips!

Did you know that your car engine’s coolant is as vital as oil? This fluid keeps your engine from overheating and freezing in extreme temperatures by raising your cooling system’s boiling point during summer and lowering its freezing point in winter. In addition, your coolant protects your engine and cooling system components against corrosion.

However, your coolant, like your engine oil and brake fluid, degrades over time. Since it gradually loses its effectiveness as the chemicals in it break down, you’ll need to change it regularly to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Without regular coolant flushes, you’ll risk causing damage to your cooling system.

Anti-freezes or coolants come in different types: IAT, HOAT, and OAT. While different vehicles may require different coolants, each needs a coolant flush every two years or every 30,000 miles.

However, you must choose the right coolant for your vehicle to avoid corrosion and damage to your water pump, radiator, radiator hoses, and cylinder gasket.

Here’s How to Make the Right Coolant Choice

You’ll want to choose the right coolant to keep your car in tip-top shape. Goodwill Car Donations shares these tips to help you make the right choice.

  1. Use your car’s information.

The make and model of your car and its place of manufacture will help you determine the type of coolant it needs. For example, phosphate-based anti-freeze or coolants are usually formulated for Japanese and Korean cars, while European cars typically use silicate-based anti-freeze.

The manufacturing year will also determine the right coolant for your car. For example, a Ford manufactured after 1997 may require an organic anti-freeze, while those built before 1997 may use an inorganic anti-freeze coolant.

  1. Check the color of the coolant.

Coolants come in different colors. For instance, HOAT coolants are typically turquoise, OAT coolants are orange, and IAT coolants are green. If you’re unsure of the type of coolant you need, pop the hood and check the color of the coolant you’re using. Since coolants typically turn brown over time, you need to check yours before it changes color.

  1. Check your car’s user manual.

If you don’t know what coolant your car uses, consult your car’s user manual. It will tell you what type of coolant is best for your vehicle.

  1. Go to the dealership.

Dealerships usually have coolants on display specific to the make and model of the cars they sell. If you didn’t get to check the color of your coolant before, and the color now appears brown, head to the dealership.


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