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5 Things to Consider When Selecting Motor Oil for Your Car

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The Right Motor Oil Helps Your Car Run Smoothly

Is it time to change your oil? You need to find the right motor oil for your car if you want it to run smoothly. However, one look at the wide range of motor oil options out there can be extremely overwhelming. Thankfully, you don’t have to be intimidated by the mountain of information you’ll find on how different types of oil can affect your engine performance.

The first thing you need to do is to check your vehicle owner’s manual so that you can have a look at your car manufacturer’s recommendations. To help you break down your options, Goodwill Car Donations has rounded up the factors you have to consider when you’re trying to select the motor oil that can maintain your car’s efficiency.

  1. Driving conditions

When it comes to selecting the appropriate engine oil for your vehicle, knowing your driving environment is a must. This pertains to the weather and road conditions you normally face whenever you get behind the wheel. For instance, driving in extreme temperatures or on unpaved roads regularly will put a strain on your vehicle in various ways. In such conditions, you may have to change your motor oil more frequently than usual.

  1. Vehicle’s make and model

You can’t choose the right motor oil for your car without knowing its make and model. If you’re driving a car with a new high-performance engine, you’ll need to use newly developed oil formulations that are specifically created to keep up with the recent engine upgrades.

  1. Type of motor oil

You have to read your owner’s manual to find out what type of oil the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle. If you don’t want to run the risk of experiencing reduced lubrication, as well as shorter engine life, your motor oil must have the right thickness that your engine requires.

The two most common options include mineral oil and synthetic oil. Although mineral oil offers outstanding lubrication at a reasonable cost, it often causes sludge buildup and requires frequent change intervals. Alternatively, synthetic oil gives you excellent chemical and thermal stability, as well as superior engine protection. However, it’s much more expensive than mineral oil and it features relatively low solubility.

  1. Viscosity

A motor oil’s viscosity grade refers to the measurement of the fluid’s resistance to flow. Read your owner’s manual or look on the oil cap to find the appropriate motor oil viscosity for your vehicle.

Two numbers define the oil’s viscosity grade. The first number that ends with “W” or “winter” gives you an idea of how oil flows when it’s cold. On the other hand, the second number is related to how the oil flow when the operating temperatures are normal.

When the motor oil heats up, it becomes thinner and runnier. When it cools, it becomes thinner. When the temperature is lower, low viscosity oils do an excellent job of protecting your engine’s parts. Conversely, when the temperature is higher, thick, and high viscosity motor oils provide better lubrication and protection for your engine’s moving parts.

  1. Motor oil standards

To find the engine oil standards, simply take a closer look at the label. You should find acronyms that include API (American Petroleum Institute) and ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association). When the product bears these popular standards, it means that the motor oil’s quality and performance have met or exceeded the requirements that were set by these organizations.

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