Drop-Off Instructions

1. First, the donor must show proof of ownership (the vehicle’s title) to Manager. If the donor does not have the title, please call [field “telephone”] before filling out the form.

2. Once proof of ownership has been established, please complete the form to the right.

3. Next, please have the donor PRINT and SIGN their name in the SELLER section of the vehicle’s title. Click here to see an example of a Colorado title.

4. Finally, the donor must hand over the vehicle’s keys as well as the signed title to Manager.

5. When Manager submits this form, one of our agents will call Manager to schedule a pickup of the vehicle. For any questions related to the towing, Manager should call (866) 233-8586.

Note: When the tow truck comes to pick up the vehicle donation, Manager must deliver both the vehicle’s keys and the vehicle’s signed title to the tow truck driver at the time of pickup.

Additional Information

1. Vehicle donations are tax deductible.

2. Vehicle donations are sold at auction.

3. The proceeds are used to help people become independent through education and training leading to employment.

4. If you have questions please either call us at [field “telephone”] or visit our frequently asked questions page here.