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What Happens To Your Vehicle After It’s Donated?

Front of car parked on gravel road | Goodwill Car Donations Photo by Thom Gonzalez under Pexels License

What Happens to Cars Donated to Charity

There are many nonprofits across the nation that accept donated goods. This includes items such as household goods, clothing and even electronics. However, what can you do with your old vehicle? Well, you can donate that too!

Factors that Contribute to a Vehicle’s Course

There are many things a nonprofit organization looks at when deciding how a donated car is used. The main factor in this decision is the condition of the car. The condition will be determined by a number of factors, some of which include any mechanical malfunctions state of the body. This is usually established by a mechanic or other knowledgeable person. In addition to the condition of the car, the organization will look at the year, make and model. This is done in order to conclude where the vehicle will be sold.

Possible Courses of a Donated Vehicle

There are three main possible courses your donated car can take. See in the infographic below for details. Ready to donate your vehicle? Call toll-free (866) 233-8586 today!

What Happens To Your Vehicle After It's Donated? | Goodwill Car Donations
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