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3 Common Challenges To Going Back To School As An Adult

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3 Common Challenges to Going Back to School as an Adult

Did you know that more adults ages 25 and above are going back to college to finish their courses or take up new ones? In fact, according to the United States Education Department, the total number of adult learners in the country today comprises more than 40% of those who are enrolled in various colleges and universities. Moreover, authorities estimate that based on the current trend, the number of students who are older than 25 years will increase to over 9 million by 2024.

Although numerous benefits await adult learners when they go back to college, a vast array of hurdles await them as well. Goodwill Car Donations is here to give you a fresh perspective about the three common challenges to going back to school as an adult.

  1. Lack of Time

We all know that before people decide to pursue their education, a willingness to commit a huge amount of time for school is required. However, when you’re an adult learner who has a job and a family to attend to, creatively balancing all your commitments can be tricky. Although it may be possible for you to squeeze everything in into your packed schedule, there’s always the question of whether you’ll have enough energy left to finish all the work that you need to do.

  1. Lack of Financial Resources

Whether you like it or not, money will always be a big issue when it comes to pursuing an education as an adult learner. In fact, when you factor in mortgage payments, daycare costs, and utilities, the cost of adult learning can be prohibitive. While going back to college may promise career progression, generating the funds for your tuition, books, and supplies is not always easy.

  1. Accessibility

Another issue that adult students face is the accessibility to their classes. Other responsibilities that require extensive time commitments can make it extremely challenging for them to attend classes during regular school hours. As most adult learners schedule their classes during the evening or on weekends, many of them ultimately find it difficult to succeed at school.

Regardless of your motivation for going back to school—to set out on a different career path, or to qualify for a promotion, or to make more money, or to simply be more competitive in the current job market—your experience as an adult learner will pose a unique set of challenges that can sometimes be intimidating. However, if you enter into this experience with open eyes, enough persistence and preparation, you can surmount these challenges and attain your education goal.

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Last Updated: May 26th, 2023