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World Humanitarian Day: Meet 3 of the Unsung Heroes of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Unsung Heroes of the COVID-19 Pandemic | Goodwill Car Donations

They Rush Toward Danger to Save Others

Every year on August 19th, we observe World Humanitarian Day in recognition of humanitarian workers killed or injured in the line of work. This day also honors all aid and health workers who continue to provide protection and life-saving support to people most in need, despite the dangers involved.

When we think of a hero, we usually picture somebody with supernatural and superhuman powers. From watching movies to reading fantasy epics, we’ve enjoyed stories of these caped crusaders subduing villains with super strength and laser vision.

Humanitarians never appear in those stories. Today, Goodwill Car Donations puts the spotlight on these unsung heroes.

The following humanitarian workers can’t see through walls or possess extraordinary abilities, but they all deserve the title “heroes”. After all, what else do we call people who rush toward danger undaunted by the life-threatening risks involved to save others if not heroes?

Get to Know These Unsung Heroes

South Asia was one of the regions of the world that were hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the remarkable exploits of three of the region’s heroes:

  1. Basira Popul

As a dedicated polio worker in Afghanistan, Basira Popul travels home to home to help vaccinate children and bring an end to the crippling disease.

When the pandemic hit, restrictions forced polio workers to pause their vaccination campaigns. However, that didn’t stop their efforts to serve their communities. Instead of vaccinating for polio, Basira and her colleagues distributed bars of soap and gave lessons about hygiene to curb the spread of the virus. In the photo on top, Basira demonstrates proper handwashing to children in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan.

  1. Sikander Bizenjo

As the Covid-19 virus spread into Pakistan, Sikander Bizenjo knew that his hometown of Balochistan, one of the poorest areas in his country, would be hit harder than most. To help people in his community, he founded a group called the Balochistan Youth Against Corona, which raises funds to provide monthly food rations for 10,000 homes and protective equipment like masks, sanitizers, and face shields for health workers. In the above photo, Sikander smiles with children in an isolated tribal settlement in Balochistan, Pakistan, after distributing food assistance to the community.

  1. Shilpashree A.S.

As a COVID-19 tester in India, Shilpashree A.S. puts on her PPE and steps inside a tiny booth with two holes for her arms to reach through to administer nasal swab tests to a long line of patients.

Her job is critical during the pandemic but comes with many hardships. The heat in India is oppressive, but it’s especially tough for Shilpashree, who has to spend many hours a day inside a hot and uncomfortable booth dressed in layers of protective gear.

The challenges don’t stop after a long day’s work. Shilpashree is not allowed to go home to prevent the virus from spreading, requiring her to be apart from her family for months at a time. In the above photo, Shilpashree tests a patient at the Jigani Primary Health Center in Bengaluru, India.

You Can Be a Hero, Too!

Many other heroes walk among us, putting their own lives at great risk for the good of others. To celebrate World Humanitarian Day, you can emulate their exemplary deeds by helping uplift the lives of your disadvantaged neighbors.

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