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U.S. Coast Guard Birthday: 3 Amazing Service Members Who Became Legends

U.S. Coast Guard Birthday - 3 Amazing Service Members Who Became Legends | Goodwill Car Donations

Find Inspiration From Their Exploits as We Celebrate Our Coast Guard’s 232nd Birthday!

Since 1790, United States Coast Guard (USCG) service members have been risking their lives to save those in danger. They take the spotlight on August 4th as the nation celebrates the U.S. Coast Guard’s Birthday. This year marks the USCG’s 232nd birthday.

Over the years, the USCG has made Americans proud with its countless achievements, including rescue missions, drug busts, and operations that ensure our shores are safe against hostile enemies.

The Coast Guard’s history is filled with men and women who rose to legendary status after overcoming extraordinary adversity. In celebration of the USCG’s birthday, Goodwill Car Donations features three Coast Guard legends who, through storm and strife, have emerged as beacons of hope, strength, and selflessness for our nation.

  1. Douglas Munro

Douglas Munro is considered one of the Coast Guard’s greatest heroes for his extraordinary gallantry in action beyond the call of duty. As a petty officer in charge of 24 Higgins boats, Munro led the evacuation of a Marine battalion trapped by enemy Japanese forces in Guadalcanal on September 27th, 1942. Munro daringly guided 500 beleaguered Marines away from enemy fire, using his craft as a shield between his comrades and the Japanese.

  1. Thomas “Jimmy” Crotty

The inspiring story of Lt. Thomas “Jimmy” Crotty still echoes through the ranks of the U.S. Coast Guard today. Crotty was the first-ever Coast Guard prisoner of war since 1812. Before his capture, he gallantly fought alongside the Marines for two days to hold the Japanese at Corregidor, the Philippines, in 1942. According to an eyewitness report, Crotty was supervising army personnel manning a howitzer dug-in until American forces surrendered to the Japanese on May 6th, 1942. Crotty was captured by enemy forces and taken to prison in Cabanatuan, where he later died of diphtheria.

  1. Ida Lewis

Ida Lewis is one of the illustrious Americans to serve in the U.S. Lighthouse Service, one of the Coast Guard’s predecessors. Although she lived during a time when most women in the United States were not yet welcomed in the professional workforce, she overcame the biases that stood in her way and became the official keeper of the Lime Rock Light Station through sheer skill and professional ability. Lewis held her position as the official lighthouse keeper until her death. She was officially credited with saving 18 lives during her 39 years at Lime Rock. She was bestowed the title “The Bravest Woman in America” by the Society of the American Cross of Honor and was also awarded the Gold Lifesaving Medal.

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