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The 10 Best Sites for Healthcare Jobs

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More Health Professionals and Hospital Staff Needed Amid Continuing Pandemic

Even before the coronavirus pandemic struck, the healthcare industry in the United States was already experiencing a shortage of staff. In fact, healthcare was the country’s largest employer in 2018. California projected demands of approximately 500,000 new healthcare workers by 2024.

The global health crisis has emphasized the need for health professionals and hospital staff. With hospitals still packed with COVID-19 patients, it’s not surprising that the healthcare industry is seeing a spike in workforce demand. Mobile care units and tents have been set up in hospital parking lots for triage screening. Call lines have also been set to screen people who think they might be infected with the virus.

A lot of people in the medical field are doing their part to pull the nation through these times of uncertainty. Physicians, nurses, EMTs, and other frontline workers are putting their lives at risk almost every day, and many of them have become patients themselves. As COVID-19 cases remain high despite the ongoing mass vaccination, the industry is calling for more individuals to fill temporary medical-related job postings.

Major U.S. job sites Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter have reported massive increases in healthcare job openings. Additionally, jobs that support the work of healthcare professionals are also growing in demand. Some examples are patient access representatives, communications specialists, project managers, and environmental service workers.


Looking for Healthcare Jobs? Check Out These Popular Sites

If you have a background in healthcare and you happen to be on a job hunt, then the list below may help. Here are 10 of the most popular healthcare job sites in the country:

  1. HealthJobsNationwide

The premier site for America’s healthcare professionals, HealthJobsNationwide gives users full access to a wide range of healthcare jobs through their extensive database. It also allows users to upload their resumes to make it easier for employers to contact them.

  1. AlliedHealthJobCafe

This popular job site connects allied health professionals to companies that are hiring.

  1. DrJobs

DrJobs helps hospitals and healthcare recruiters locate physicians and other healthcare members. You can look here for available jobs by specialty and location and post your resume to attract potential employers.

  1. Health eCareers

This site provides a wide variety of job listings for the healthcare industry — from physicians and nurses to pharmaceutical and dental professionals — as well as those in administration and operations.

  1. com

Considered as the leading site for registered nurses, Nurse.com offers numerous resources to help nursing professionals advance their careers. Apart from a comprehensive job board, it features continuing education courses and other vital resources.

  1. PhysEmp

PhysEmp is a top physician-only job board that connects doctors with employers.

  1. MDJobsite

This is another site that focuses on physicians only. It features job listings for every type of specialty, including advanced practitioner positions that you cannot normally find on other job boards.

  1. AARC

This is a job site exclusively for job seekers who specialize in respiratory care.

  1. AAI

This offers immunology-related job openings across the U.S.

  1. CaregiverJobsNow

This is the premier job board for home health aides, nursing assistants, and similar caregivers.


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