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National Nurses Day: 3 Frustrating Work-Related Scenarios Every Nurse Can Relate To

Common Nursing Frustrations | Goodwill Car Donations

Get a Glimpse of the Common Nursing Frustrations

Did you know that nursing has consistently been ranked as the most trusted profession in the United States year after year? Despite the ever-increasing demands placed on health care, countless nurses continue to provide exceptional care for individuals, families, and communities. As such, the recognition of their courage, commitment, and expertise, is well-deserved.

While nursing makes for a rewarding profession, this ever-evolving field comes with its share of challenges and frustrations. Don’t be surprised if you hear nurses talking about their work-related frustrations during their breaks.

Frustrating Situations Nurses Encounter at Work

Since nurses typically spend most of their time with their patients, they encounter frustrations that other healthcare team members don’t. As we celebrate the vital role nurses play in the healthcare industry and society on May 6th – National Nurses Day, Goodwill Car Donations aims to raise awareness of the various challenges faced by nurses:

  1. Last-Hour Toxicities

If you’re a nurse whose daily duty ends at the appointed time regularly, consider yourself lucky. However, many nurses don’t get to experience the luxury of having fixed working hours. Something almost always happens to their patients just before they leave the hospital. Whether it’s a patient who suddenly shows critically low blood sugar levels, a patient needing immediate assistance, or new emergency admissions, last-hour toxicities compel nurses to work beyond their work hours as they switch into team mode and back each other up.

  1. Omniscient Patients

The internet readily serves up information that’s available to everyone without restrictions. For this reason, nurses often find themselves dealing with irritable patients or their relatives who accuse them of doing things that they don’t agree with based on what they allegedly found out on their Google search. As a result, it’s not unusual for nurses to explain to these people that they’re misinterpreting the data they found on the internet.

  1. IV Insertion Troubles

Intravenous (IV) insertion is a technique that involves the placement of a cannula inside a patient’s vein to provide venous access for various purposes. Besides being used for blood sampling, venous access ensures the administration of fluids, medications, blood products, chemotherapy, and nutritional products.

While every nurse aims to hit the right vein in one shot, failure to do this for whatever reason can turn this task into a major frustration, causing them to feel down for the rest of their shift. The pressure becomes even more palpable when the nurse fails to insert the needle into the vein more than once while the patient or the relative is watching intently.

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