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National Immunization Awareness Month: Top 4 Questions Parents Ask About Childhood Vaccinations

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Learn More About Childhood Vaccinations This August

While some parents oppose the idea of getting their children vaccinated, health experts strongly recommend routine childhood vaccinations. After all, preventing a disease is always better than treating it after it occurs.

Now that children are going back to school, every parent is encouraged to protect their children’s health by catching up on vaccination — especially after the pandemic disrupted routine well-child visits. For this reason, National Immunization Awareness Month this August emphasizes the importance of vaccinations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Childhood Vaccinations

Regardless of what vaccine naysayers believe, vaccination has proven to be the safest, simplest, and most effective way of protecting people against life-threatening diseases. To increase your awareness about vaccinations, Goodwill Car Donations has compiled the answers to the top four questions parents ask about this subject.

  1. How can vaccines give my child immunity?

As your child’s immune system recognizes disease-causing bacteria and viruses, it produces antibodies to fight them. The first time your child gets infected with a specific bacteria or virus (antigen), their immune system won’t be able to work fast enough to prevent these foreign invaders from causing disease. This is why your little one can still get sick.

However, when your child gets vaccinated, the next time these antigens attempt to enter your child’s body, your child won’t get sick the same way they did because their immune system will be able to produce antibodies fast enough. Vaccines give your child immunity to certain diseases.

  1. Does receiving too many vaccines harm my child?

Parents typically space out their children’s immunization schedule to avoid giving their kids too many shots at one time. Although some report mild reactions to vaccinations in children, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

  1. Are vaccines 100% guaranteed to protect?

Preventable diseases aren’t likely to affect fully vaccinated children. While some vaccines including measles and Hepatitis B can give lifetime immunity to the recipient, others may require booster shots every few years to reinforce the body’s immunity.

  1. What reactions should I expect?

In most cases, your child may experience pain and redness on the injection site. However, this isn’t something you should be worried about because it goes away after a while. Moreover, your little one may also have a slight fever. A rash may also appear if the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) and chickenpox combination vaccine were administered.

Medications can be given to the child in these cases to provide them comfort. A specialist should be called in cases of severe allergies, such as difficulty breathing or facial swelling.

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Immunization can prevent certain diseases. Similarly, disadvantaged individuals can overcome the tough challenges they face through work and learning.

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