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How Shinto Influences the KonMari Method


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How Shinto Influences the KonMari Method

Practically every person who’s ever heard of Marie Kondo must be wondering how Shinto, the ancient indigenous religion of Japan, influences the Konmari method. In case you’re one of those people who have not yet joined the legions of “Konverts”—those who devote themselves to “kondo-ing” their lives top to bottom—Goodwill Car Donations shares a glimpse of this movement and the remarkable woman behind it.


Who is Marie Kondo?

The Japanese woman who’s managed to influence people across the globe with her brutally strict approach to de-cluttering is none other than the famous organizing consultant, tidying expert, and best-selling author, Marie Kondo. Born, raised and educated in Japan, Kondo has always been fascinated with tidying everything up since childhood. In fact, she says that while her classmates were playing in physical education classes, Kondo was tidying up the bookshelves in her classroom.

According to her, she was so obsessed with minimalism that she had a nervous breakdown. While she was unconscious for two straight hours, she says she heard a mysterious voice that told her to look at things more closely. She believes that this was some “god” who made her realize that instead of looking for things to throw out, she should find the things she intends to keep—the things that make her happy.


What is the Konmari Method?

The mystical encounter that she had with this “god” gave rise to her method of organizing called the Konmari Method. Kondo views it as a state of mind and a way of life that encourages the recognition of things that spark joy in life. People are attracted to this concept because it cultivates mindfulness, introspection, and optimism.


Shinto and the Konmari Method

Did you ever wonder why Kondo greets her clients’ houses or tap their clients’ items to wake these things up? You must’ve thought it unusual for Kondo to act like she’s entering a sacred place when she gets inside people’s houses or when she handles their personal items as if these had life in them. These strange aspects of her method can be attributed to Shinto.

In Kondo’s best-selling book, she mentions that Shinto’s lifelong influence has inspired her to start her custom of greeting houses based on the etiquette of worshiping at Shinto shrines. She believes that the tense expectancy that greets her when a client opens the door resembles the atmosphere she feels when she passes under a shrine’s gate and enters its sacred grounds. Furthermore, she claims that she works faster if she does the greeting ritual before she proceeds to the tidying process.

As for the tapping of items as if to wake them up, Shinto believes that kami (the sacred) is in everything – and that includes our personal items. It further suggests that everything contains an essence (whether good or bad) that are important to life. No wonder Kondo acknowledges items for their service and thanks them before letting them go.

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Demystifying the Konmari Method

You don’t have to agree with her beliefs to appreciate Kondo’s organizing methods. However, knowing about these Shinto principles will help you understand the strangeness of the Konmari Method.


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