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D-Day: 4 Books that Give Riveting Accounts of ‘The Longest Day’

D-Day | Goodwill Car Donations


Curious to Learn What Really Happened on June 6th, 1944?

D-Day on June 6th commemorates the most significant military victory by Allied forces against Nazi Germany during World War II. The operation, codenamed “Operation Overlord,” saw some 156,000 American, British, and Canadian troops landing on the five beaches of Normandy in France to launch the largest military amphibious assault in history to liberate northern France from Nazi rule. And it all started with a large-scale deception of the German military about the target of the operation.

Also called “the longest day,” D-Day saw 11,000 aircraft and 7,000 naval vessels taking part in the assault on the heavily fortified beaches of Normandy, which marked the beginning of the end of the war in Europe.

If you’re curious to learn about the various events that happened during D-Day, Goodwill Car Donations has compiled a list of riveting books focusing on the biggest battle of World War II. Check them out here:

  1. The Longest Day

The Longest Day | Goodwill Car Donations


The acclaimed war movie that came out in 1962 was based on an equally acclaimed book written by Cornelius Ryan. The book is part of a trilogy on World War II. It focuses on the first day of the campaign instead of the entirety of the Battle for Normandy, which lasted for nearly three months (June 6th to August 30th, 1944).

  1. Overlord

Overlord | Goodwill Car Donations


The 1984 novel written by Max Hastings drew its title from the code name of the operation. It stands out among the recorded accounts of D-Day for focusing on the inspiring courage shown by U.S. troops. The book’s rich descriptions of the events that took place in Normandy at that time take readers to the heart of the battle.

  1. D-Day: The Battle For Normandy

D-Day The Battle For Normandy | Goodwill Car Donations


This is one of the newer books on D-Day. Written by British historian Antony Beevor in 2009, the book offers a unique take on the events that happened at that time, including little-known operational details as well as a glimpse of the harrowing experiences faced by French civilians who were caught in the crossfire between Allied and Nazi forces.

  1. Eisenhower’s Lieutenants

Eisenhower’s Lieutenants | Goodwill Car Donations


No movie has been made based on this book by renowned historian Russell F. Weigley. The book gives a complete account of D-Day, including arguments on controversial topics regarding the assault. He gives a raw and honest take on what went behind the scenes on D-Day, which has drawn the appreciation of World War II history buffs.

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