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Child Care Resources For Adult Students

Child Care | Goodwill Car Donations

Child Care Resources for Adult Students

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for parents to return to school. If you’re one of them, we’re here to help. Of the 4.8 million undergraduate students in the country, 26% are parents of dependent children as revealed in a 2017 Institute of Women’s Policy Research report. Authorities say it won’t be surprising if the numbers rise even further in the years ahead.

While going back to college as a parent sounds like a tough challenge, having the right resources can make it less stressful. Today, there’s a wide range of child care resources readily available for students with young kids. As long as you explore each of the options carefully, do your research, and ask questions, returning to school wouldn’t be that much of a problem.

In choosing the right child care provider, you have to check out the websites of local, hybrid, and online programs. Another way is to contact the school you’re considering and ask about its child care options.


1. On-Campus Child Care

There are now several schools that offer child care facilities on campus, some of which are offered at discounted prices or even for free. These facilities provide a wonderful opportunity for adult students to stay close to their kids while attending classes at the same time. However, since only about half of public colleges and universities offer such resource as of now, you’ll need to do extensive research first.

2. Child Care Subsidies

Child care subsidies or scholarships can also be an ideal option for you. You can choose between two types—child care grants or military subsidies.

Child care grants, or daycare grants, provide parents the money needed to pay for their children’s daycare stay. These grants are given directly by the school or may come from the government. We suggest you browse through and learn about any programs that your local or state government may offer.

The second type, military subsidies, is only available for those with family members serving in the military. This type of child care resource helps adult students reduce the costs of books and tuition for classes.

3. The Child Care and Development Fund

The Child Care and Development Fund is intended to assist low-income families who need child care due to work, work training, or school. It serves parents of children under 13 years of age who need child care assistance. These parents must also be either employed or enrolled in a training or education program. If you want to learn more, you can visit the agency’s website.

4. Child Care Aware

The Child Care Aware is another program you might want to explore if you’re looking for affordable child care in your area. Feel free to check out its website to know about its programs and resources.

5. Child Care Co-ops

If you don’t like the idea of paying for child care, you may consider sharing child care duties with other parents throughout the week. With child care co-ops, parents take turns watching over everyone else’s children. This option will not only help save you money, but it’ll also give you the opportunity to build friendships.

6. Volunteer

Aside from getting involved in a child care co-op, you might also want to do volunteer work in exchange for reducing the cost of your child’s enrollment. In case you didn’t know, there are actually daycare programs that invite parents to volunteer their services a few hours or days a week. Although many working parents may find this option nearly impossible to do because of their already tight schedule, if they still have time, this option can certainly help save them a good amount of cash.


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