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7 Most Popular Warehousing Jobs as Industry Sees Boom Amid Pandemic

Forklift Operators | Goodwill Car Donations

More Warehousing Workers Needed Amid Rising E-Commerce

While many industries have tremendously been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, warehouse companies across the country continue to prosper. As a matter of fact, the warehousing and storage industry is one of those sectors where employment is higher than before the global health crisis erupted.

It’s mainly because the pandemic has changed the way we get our goods. As thousands of Americans are still uncomfortable with the idea of going out and getting themselves surrounded by strangers, they prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes, which has led to a drastic increase in the volume of retail sales online. With e-commerce skyrocketing, the need for warehouse workers has increased tremendously.

Based on preliminary numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, warehouse employment has surpassed its pre-pandemic level, even reaching the highest level ever. As of September 2020, the warehouse and storage sector was able to hire 1.25 million workers.

Last March and April, Amazon.com announced plans to hire 175,000 new warehouse and delivery workers and open 1,000 warehouses nationwide in response to increased orders. Meanwhile, FedEx plans to hire 75,000 seasonal workers. For its part, UPS hopes to add over 100,000 more after already hiring tens of thousands last year. 

According to Michael Englund, chief economist of Action Economics LLC, workers are migrating toward industries that are experiencing shortages in manpower. For instance, many workers from the hospitality and restaurant sectors have already transferred to the warehousing industry. Todd Bavol, CEO of Integrity Staffing Solutions, noticed that clients in the logistics industry have lowered their experience requirements and boosted recruitment budgets, which suggests higher wages for workers.


Here Are the Top Jobs in the Warehousing Industry

So what are the top jobs in the warehousing industry? Get your answers below!

  1. Forklift Operator

As the name implies, forklift operators operate forklifts (as well as other equipment) to move, distribute, and store cargo and goods.

  1. Machine Operator

Machine operators can either work on various machines or be assigned to handle a specific area. They should know how to work with machines safely, maintain them, and troubleshoot so that productions can run smoothly and accurately.

  1. Warehouse Clerk

The duties of a warehouse clerk include assembling the appropriate materials, processing customer orders, assisting with shipping and receiving, and maintaining organized inventory tracking. There are also instances where they handle financial transactions with customers.

  1. Warehouse Manager

Aside from supervising the warehouse staff, the warehouse manager is the one who directs the receipt, storage, inventory, and dispatch of goods.

  1. Warehouse Worker

Being a warehouse worker can be physically demanding as it involves the tasks of loading and unloading goods from trucks, picking items from a shelf, packaging them, and preparing them for shipment. Additionally, they help with the receiving, shipping, and inventory organization within the warehouse space.

  1. Warehouse Associate

A warehouse associate is a general labor position in a warehouse responsible for transporting, stocking, and pulling products and materials. Other job functions may include keeping inventory records, maintaining the warehouse, and packing orders.

  1. Warehouse Packer

Warehouse packers are the ones who prepare orders for shipment in a warehouse setting. Since the job is usually fast-paced, working well under pressure is a huge must.


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