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6 Challenges of Going Back To School as an Adult

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6 Challenges of Going Back to School as an Adult

Being a full-time student has its fair share of challenges, but going back to school as an adult learner can be even more difficult.

Adult or mature learners are individuals who go back to school to finish a degree or learn a new one.

There are plenty of reasons why adults decide to go back to school. Some want to earn more money and want to specialize in a new skill to do so. Others want to switch to a more lucrative career. Some others seek to earn a degree simply because they are financially in a better place in their life right now to fund their education. Some want to launch a business and need to update their knowledge on the latest trends and technologies available to move their venture forward.

Whatever the reason, it is never too late to learn. However, it does come with a lot more issues when you’re going back to school at a later age.

Challenges of Going Back to School as an Adult 

Here are six hurdles that adult learners need to overcome to achieve their objective of obtaining a college degree:

  1. Different priorities.

Adult learners usually juggle multiple responsibilities. While working, many of them also take care of their families. The challenge for these individuals is to find the perfect balance to meet all of their obligations at the same time.

  1. Schedule.

Adult learners’ schedules may be more packed than regular students’ because of their multiple responsibilities. They often find it hard to squeeze in classes or take a longer time to complete their academic requirements because of these conflicts.

  1. Cost.

Often, adult learners also face the challenge of finding the funds to support their continuing education. For those who have families, tuition can take up a huge portion of their budget. They are also often overlooked when applying for student loans since priority is given to full-time students.

  1. Socialization.

Adult learners often find it difficult to adjust to student life since they are older than their schoolmates. They also question their ability to learn as well as their peers, given their advanced age.

  1. Technology.

Adult learners may also be daunted by the use of technology in today’s modern classroom. School assignments that used to be submitted in printout form are now sent electronically while gadgets play an important role in student learning through apps and other software. With the rapid technological advancements, adult learners may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the experience as they try to catch up with their peers.

  1. Comfort.

Adult learners often opt for online courses so they don’t have to physically attend classes and go through the anxiety of attending with younger peers. Luckily, there are also adult-only classes that are available in some schools.

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Help Uplift Lives Today 

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