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5 Challenges that Intellectually Disabled People Face in the Workplace

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What Is Intellectual Disability?

Intellectual disability is a term used to identify a person with certain limitations in cognitive functioning and skills, including communication, social, and self-care skills. It’s the most common developmental disability.

Formerly known as mental retardation, intellectual disability can cause a person to develop and learn more slowly or differently than others, making it hard for them to function properly in society.

For this reason, many of them have a hard time landing stable employment. If they manage to land jobs, they suffer discrimination in the workplace.


What Challenges Do Intellectually Disabled People Face in the Workplace?

Research shows that people with intellectual disabilities often do not enjoy the same benefits as their co-workers without disabilities. Another study shows that the unemployment rate for disabled people is higher than the unemployment rate for people without disabilities.

To help you deepen your understanding of the usual challenges that intellectually disabled people face, check this out:

  1. Normal people only see the disability.

People with intellectual disabilities are often bullied or discriminated against in the workplace. No matter how well they do their jobs or how much they have accomplished, most people still see their disability, not their skill. This form of discrimination can significantly affect their performance at work.

  1. Bonding with their co-workers is a challenge.

You can rarely find a person who fully understands the mind of an intellectually disabled person. In the workplace, people with this condition find it challenging to bond with their co-workers because they’re treated differently. This is one of the reasons why most of them rarely develop long-term friendships with their workmates.

  1. They receive less support.

Only a few companies provide on-the-job support for people with intellectual disabilities. People with this condition need to learn the company’s process step-by-step. Otherwise, they would have a hard time adjusting to the workplace and realizing their full potential.

  1. They get low pay rates.

No matter what degree they hold, intellectually disabled workers tend to be underpaid compared to their counterparts without disabilities. Many receive sub-minimum wages because most employers base the salary on their productivity. This is one of the reasons why intellectually disabled individuals usually work multiple menial jobs to be able to support themselves.

  1. They often get underestimated.

Many intellectually disabled people think that their employers and co-workers underestimate their abilities. There are times when they are made to feel like they can’t do what others can do. That is why many of them constantly try to prove their worth in the workplace.


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