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4 Best Tips to Avoid Laziness in the Workplace

Tips to Avoid Laziness in the Workplace | Goodwill Car Donations

Fight Laziness Before it Kills Your Career!

While there’s nothing wrong with taking the occasional lazy day, you’ll know that you’ve crossed the line when you’re not getting things done at work. Missing deadlines can quickly turn into a bad habit. Before you know it, you get a bad performance review and you get passed over for promotions.

Whether your desire to increase your daily work output is challenged by your overwhelming to-do list or a lack of knowledge of the task at hand, you can still do something to stop laziness from killing your career.

How to Avoid Laziness in the Workplace

Sometimes it can be challenging to get work done when you find it hard to resist the pull of an afternoon nap after lunch. When it takes too long for you to tackle a task or start a new project, you’ve got a problem. Goodwill Car Donations shares a few strategies to find motivation on a lazy day at work.

  1. Find a good reason to be productive.

Procrastination tends to set in when you lack the motivation to perform your assigned task. To combat this, you need to make a list of reasons why you should accomplish the task. To give your brain a little extra push, think about the rewards that are attached to the finished work.

  1. Understand the consequences of laziness.

Being habitually lazy on the job can have serious consequences. If you’re not fulfilling all of your responsibilities, you don’t deserve the salary you’re getting. If you don’t want to get fired, don’t be the dead weight.

  1. Organize your workday.

Try using a planner to organize your workday. This will allow you to prioritize the most important items, increase your motivation, and help you stay focused. Just remember to keep it simple by keeping non-essential items off your list.

  1. Take short, productive breaks.

Try taking short, productive breaks in between every hour of work to combat mid-day fatigue. However, be sure to spend them doing something that stimulates your mind and body. Keep yourself active and alert by taking quick strolls around your office while listening to uplifting songs that motivate you.

How You Can Help Free People from Poverty

While you’re trying to overcome laziness at work, some individuals in your community grapple with a much bigger problem: how to overcome the disadvantages they are burdened with so they can free themselves from poverty and live productive and fulfilling lives just like others.

You can do something simple to help these folks: donate any vehicle that you no longer use to Goodwill Car Donations. We’ll use your donation to turn their lives around.

We’ll auction off your vehicle to generate funds for the Goodwill organizations serving your area. These IRS-certified 501(c)(3) nonprofits cater to disadvantaged Americans — those who are being weighed down by their disabilities, lack of education, essential skills, or job experience, as well as other limiting personal issues, such as being welfare-dependent or a former inmate.

Your local Goodwill organizations use the funding we give to provide their beneficiaries with job training, employment opportunities, scholarships, livelihood assistance, disability benefits, and other vital support services.

As a reward for your generous donation, you’ll get high-value rewards. They include receiving our free vehicle towing service anywhere in the country and getting entitled to claim the maximum tax deduction in the next tax season.

Best of all, you’ll find great satisfaction in doing something that will benefit your entire community when once idle members get the chance to find decent employment or livelihood, empowering them to attain financial stability.

We accept almost all vehicle types. You can donate even a damaged or non-working vehicle.

You can find more information about Goodwill Car Donations, including our quick and convenient donation process, on our FAQs page. For your inquiries or concerns, feel free to call us at 866-233-8586 or write to us here.


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