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3 Simple Ways to Get Your Teen to Read Books

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3 Simple Ways to Get Your Teen to Read Books

In case you haven’t heard, World Book Day is that time of the year when people — especially kids and young adults — are encouraged to embrace reading. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has designated this day to be a celebration of books and authors who have been instrumental in shaping the minds of generations of readers.

What if you have a high-schooler who gets their daily dose of reading from the comments on their Facebook or Instagram posts? No matter how many times you remind them to crack open a book, they always come up with an excuse not to. Perhaps, nobody else in your house has the habit of curling up with a good read in that cozy little reading nook by the corner except you.

It may be tempting to think that your kid is a hopeless case, but it’s not. With a little help and a lot of patience on your end, your teenage son or daughter will develop a love for books either again or for the very first time.


How to Get Your Teen to Read Books

You’ll probably agree that it’s way easier to inspire a love of books in smaller kids. As soon as you start reading to them, they’d immediately be transported into magical places where fighting against fire-breathing dragons or flying is made possible virtually. However, as they get older and more preoccupied with smartphones, clothes, friends or even dating, their interest in reading would slowly fade away. What used to be an enjoyable activity would now seem like a chore for them.

Scenarios like this aren’t unusual for most parents who have teenagers in their households. The question is, how can you change these kids’ hearts and make reading more appealing to them?

In the spirit of World Book Day, we have compiled a few suggestions that might just get your teen hooked on a book.

  1. Check out the YA (young adult) bestseller lists.

Teens normally gravitate toward anything that they find relatable. Thankfully, a lot of YA novels out there tackle various issues that teens normally encounter — peer pressure, romance, friendship, and many more. It doesn’t matter if your child is personally dealing with these issues or if they’re just looking for vicarious thrills. Handing them a relatable book may just pique their interest and kick-start their reading habits.

  1. Offer books that have been turned into movies.

Merging movies with literature can also get your teen started on reading. You can watch a book’s film adaptation together before or after you offer them its print version. Moreover, you can talk about the differences and similarities between the book and its film version.

  1. Try getting graphic.

If you think that graphic novels and comic books are one and the same, think again. In today’s world, graphic novels have become a far cry from the old, boring comic books from decades ago. In fact, graphic novels are now classified as literature that is available in various genres including fantasy, adventure, memoir, biography, and historical fiction.


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