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10 Hilariously Harmless Pranks You Can Pull on April Fools’ Day

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Laugh Your Heart Out on April 1st!

It’s a no-brainer that April Fools’ Day on the first of April is the all-time favorite holiday of pranksters. The day presents the perfect opportunity for them to live out their dreams of startling others with their tricky games.

Since a lot of people are likely to keep their guards up during this gag-filled day, you’d find yourself feeling extra satisfied if you get to successfully target someone in ways they never expected. Your tricks don’t have to be meticulously planned to be effective, some of the best ideas require little effort and zero cost to pull off.

Before executing your outrageous pranks on your victims, you got to make sure that your chosen prank is appropriate to your victim. Imagine hearing the horrific scream of your elderly neighbor when they find the rubber snakes you’ve hidden in their shrubs! You wouldn’t want them to suffer from a heart attack, would you?

If you’re running out of ideas, fear not, for we at Goodwill Car Donations are here to help you out. We’ve compiled 10 of the most hilarious April Fools’ pranks, and we assure you, they’re completely harmless. Plus, everyone will end up laughing. Take a look at them below!

  1. Bubble wrap under a mat

Scare your spouse and kids first thing in the morning by placing bubble wrap under a bathmat, kitchen rug, or any carpet that’s frequently stepped on. Just one step and the whole room should be able to hear a loud bang. Talk about a quick caffeine fix!

  1. “Honk and wave” car sign

Slip a “honk and wave” message to the bumper of your victim’s car, and keep it as hidden as possible. Throughout the entire drive, they’ll wonder why they’re getting nonstop horns and waving hands from other drivers!

  1. Flip the screen

This is one of the easiest tricks to pull on a co-worker. While they’re taking a lunch or bathroom break, sneak into their computer to flip their display screen upside down. Hit the Ctrl, Alt, and downward arrow keys, and mission accomplished!

  1. Jelly drinks

Tell your family that you’re serving them special drinks for dinner. Don’t let them know what these drinks are until they’ve taken a sip and realize that they’re just jelly. Whip up some Jello and let it set in glasses, and don’t forget to place a straw in each. You can even add lime or lemon on top to make your undrinkable drinks look fancy!

  1. Toilet paper shoes

Stuff your spouse’s or kid’s shoes with toilet paper. They’ll be so astonished that their feet got bigger all of a sudden!

  1. Return call

If you’ve always wanted to prank an annoying colleague, now would be the perfect time to get your harmless revenge. When they’re away from their desk, leave them a note that says a certain “Mr. Lyon” or “Mr. Baer” called them, and be sure to include the number. Little do they know that the number belongs to the local zoo. You might be laughing to tears as you listen to them repeatedly ask a zoo employee to talk to mister lion or mister bear!

  1. Remote control that doesn’t control

Thinking of disrupting your children’s TV time? Cover the sensor of your remote control’s clicker with a tape or teeny sticker to make it seem like the device is broken that not even new batteries can fix it.

  1. Krispy Kreme greens

Everyone at the office will be applauding you when you arrive with boxes of Krispy Kreme — that is until they open them and see various veggies instead. Such a betrayal! But hey, at least you’re promoting good health, right?

  1. Mayo-flavored doughnuts

Now this has actual donuts involved. The only thing is, you’ve replaced their cream fillings with mayonnaise. Be careful though, as this can be quite traumatic for some. For instance, one might no longer eat donuts after this experience.

  1. Fake cockroaches in a lamp

This is guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of your kids. Tape fake roaches inside their lampshade, and once they turn it on, they’ll be crying for you!


Got an Extra Vehicle You Can Donate?

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Be a Hero in Your Community on April 1st!

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Let this year’s April Fools’ Day be the most memorable one yet for you by performing a deed that can change lives forever. Those who will benefit from your car donation certainly have all the right to regard you as their hero. Call Goodwill Car Donations at 866-233-8586 or fill out our online donation form now!