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10 Best Paying Careers With Only A Bachelor’s Degree


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10 Best-Paying Careers with Only a Bachelor’s Degree

If you think that earning six figures would require you to have a master’s or doctorate degree, that’s definitely a huge misconception. In fact, there are dozens of jobs today that offer handsome paychecks, some of which might surprise you. As long as you know what these positions are, and you have a genuine interest in pursuing one of them, there’s not a doubt that you’ll be a top earner sooner than you think.

The list below ranks 10 of the best-paying careers that only require a bachelor’s degree, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re like many others who expect to enjoy a high-paying occupation without wasting extra years in graduate school, consider one of these jobs:

1. Sales Manager

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Median annual pay: $117,960

Recommended degrees: Bachelor in Management, Bachelor in Organizational Leadership, Bachelor in Sales Management, Bachelor in Business Administration

Sales managers are mainly responsible for supervising a company’s sales team. Their duties cover pretty much all areas of sales such as setting sales quotas, assigning sales territories, developing training programs for sales reps, creating strategies in acquiring new clients, projecting sales, and determining their products’ profitability. This explains their lucrative pay.

Aside from a bachelor’s degree and work experience in some cases, the position requires individuals with strong leadership capabilities and organizational and problem-solving skills. They must also possess exceptional communication skills, being able to work harmoniously with the team, and dealing effectively with customers.

2. Petroleum Engineer

Median annual pay: $137,170

Recommended degrees: Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering, Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Bachelor in Chemical Engineering

Usually working in oil company offices and drill sites, petroleum engineers conduct research together with geoscientists, design equipment, and devise methods to extract oil and gas from beneath the ground. Additionally, they plan and manage extraction projects, leading teams as they perform an operation.

Individuals with strong analytical and math skills are well-suited for the position. They must also be creative and possess good interpersonal skills.

3. Financial Manager

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Median annual pay: $127,990

Recommended degrees: Bachelor in Financial Management, Bachelor in Finance, Bachelor in Business Administration, Bachelor in Economics, Bachelor in Accounting

Financial managers are in charge of monitoring and evaluating the financial health of companies and organizations. They make financial reports, develop financial strategies for the organization’s long-term goals, direct investments, and ensure that legal requirements are met. Many of these managers also do data analysis.

Along with a bachelor’s degree and commendable work ethics, financial managers must have strong organizational, mathematical, and analytical skills. They must also be detail-oriented and good communicators.

4. Compensation and Benefits Manager

Median annual pay: $116,240

Recommended degrees: Bachelor in Human Resources Management, Bachelor in Management, Bachelor in Business Administration, Bachelor in Financial Accounting, Bachelor in Finance

Responsible for implementing compensation programs in an organization, compensation and benefits managers make sure that all employees receive their full benefits and are paid on time. These managers develop the pay and benefits structure of an organization, manage external partners, and determine competitive wage rates. They also see to it that the organization’s pay and benefit plans comply with federal and state regulations.

Interested candidates for this position should have strong leadership skills and a background in business. They should also possess effective communication and decision-making skills.

5. Marketing Manager

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Median annual pay: $134,290

Recommended degrees: Bachelor in Marketing, Bachelor in Marketing Management, Bachelor in Business Administration, Bachelor in Management

Marketing managers are primarily tasked with understanding the demands or needs of the products and services offered by an organization. Their duties include planning and directing advertising programs, identifying prospective markets for their products, and managing marketing teams. It is also their responsibility to develop pricing strategies to help maximize profits while maintaining customer satisfaction at the same time.

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree and possesses qualities such as strong communication, analytical, interpersonal, and organizational skills can be potential candidates for the position. They must also be creative, with a keen eye for details.

6. Computer Network Architect

Median annual pay: $101,210

Recommended degrees: Bachelor in Information Systems, Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Bachelor in Computer Science

Computer network architects make sure that information is transmitted efficiently within an organization. They are responsible for designing and building data communication networks, such as wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN).

To be qualified, individuals should have strong organizational and analytical skills and must be detail-oriented. They should also know how to communicate well and lead their team members effectively.

7. Human Resources Manager

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Median annual pay: $106,910

Recommended degrees: Bachelor in Human Resources Management, Bachelor in Business Administration, Bachelor in Management, Bachelor in Personnel Management, Bachelor in Accounting, Bachelor in Information Technology, Bachelor in Communication, Bachelor in Finance

When it comes to overseeing human resources staff, interviewing and hiring new employees, resolving HR issues, and coordinating with company personnel, organizations would rely on their human resources managers. These managers are the ones who direct the organization’s administrative personnel functions.

Human resources managers should possess strong decision-making, organizational, and leadership skills. They should also be effective communicators and must be able to deal with different personalities.

8. Nuclear Engineer

Median annual pay: $102,220

Recommended degrees: Bachelor of Nuclear Engineering

Usually working in industrial settings and laboratories, nuclear engineers develop processes and utilize instruments to harness nuclear power. They also ensure that operational nuclear power plants meet safety standards.

To be a qualified nuclear engineer, an individual must have strong critical thinking as well as mathematical, problem-solving, and analytical skills. They must also be detail-oriented.

9. Electronics Engineer

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Median annual pay: $99,210

Recommended degrees: Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor in Electrical Engineering Technology, Bachelor in Electronics Engineering

Electronic engineers handle technical duties such as researching, designing, and testing electrical devices and equipment. It is also their job to look for ways to improve certain electrical systems.

The position requires individuals with strong critical thinking, mathematical, communication, and problem-solving skills.

10. Physical Scientist

Median annual pay: $96,070

Recommended degrees: Bachelor in Biology, Bachelor in Environmental Science, Bachelor in Chemistry, Bachelor in Materials Engineering

Physical scientists work in various fields of science and are involved in the research, design, and development of different products. These fields deal with physical subjects, such as materials, chemistry, and the environment.

Physical scientists should possess strong problem-solving, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Additionally, they should be detail-oriented.


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