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What Happens To Your Vehicle After It’s Donated?

There are many nonprofits across the nation that accept donated goods...

21 Feb, 2014 by admin

Benefits of Donating Your Car

If you’ve bought a new car, you’re probably deciding what to do wi..

21 Feb, 2014 by admin
Donating Your Vehicle for a Tax Deduction

There are many great reasons to donate a car to Goodwill, such as help..

16 Aug, 2012 by admin

Goodwill Donations

Goodwill Donations Goodwill donations are what the charitable organ..

29 Jun, 2011 by gworgs
Goodwill Cars

Goodwill Cars Goodwill cars are part of goodwill donations which ar..

29 Jun, 2011 by gworgs

Goodwill Vehicle Donations

Goodwill Vehicle Donations Did you know that by your single act of ..

29 Jun, 2011 by gworgs